Wow, a half straight-forward dream! Well, not really. The only part I remember clearly is the end, but even that's something. I was driving a stolen car through a park I've only been in once during a failed school trip. It was autumn, and leaveas werefalling everywhere. Now that I'm thinking about it, it's my first dream with a spedicifc season. Huh. Eventually, I lose control of the car, as I do in most dreams, and jump out of it right before it crashes straight into a tree and just... disappears I suppose. I meet up with some girls I don't recognise and walk through the forest aimlessly until we just stumble into a weird halloween costume competition which makes sense I guess... It's autumn after all.

The only thing I remember after that is the judge picking some homeless man as the winner and saying something about vagaboncy being the ultimate profession which I totally agree with. Maybe my tendency to wander around the city has finally re-awakened from the 3-month slumber known as quarantine. Maybe... Probably.


Another dream with no clear narrative. I'm pretty sure this page won't have many proper dream descriptions.

1) I remember a bookstore, and fighting with my mother. Having vicious fights with my parental figures is a pretty common motif in my dreams.

2) Getting a tattoo of exactly 3 pigeons. I dream about pigeons a lot, but the number three was clearly important.


As always, I had a weird fucking dream. All I can remember clearly is that

1) It was in third person, or at least I wasn't really there

2) It had a text-based RPG feel... Now that I think about it, I was kind of playing the dream. Making small choices for a group of characters.

3) It had to do with going to school in the morning. Which is weird cause I haven't done that since 10th of March.